Forbes magazine recently raised a scary prospect when it discussed the idea of an end-user revolt against draconian policies around mobile devices and IT usage. “Occupy CIO,” anyone?

So much for the holiday spirit: A recent poll by Robert Half Technology indicates that more CIOs are beginning to place greater restrictions on the amount of online shopping enterprise employees can do at work.

John Halamka says IT leaders should tell their CFOs to be prepared for a six-figure budget to cope with the potential risk of user-purchased mobile devices. The payoff? Productivity and flexibility:

Ignore stakeholder analysis at your peril: Not necessarily aimed at CIOs, but this article on business analysis makes good points about how to ensure you have the requirements part down properly, which is where so many IT leaders fail.

CP’s CIO on an IT department transformation: Commentary on a recent video with Canadian Pacific’s IT leader on how she got her team working better together with the business.

How to define ‘operational analytics’ and related terms: This may be getting too granular for some CIOs, but as business intelligence and master data management becomes more mature I think it may be important to differentiate what kind of analysis you’re trying to do.

Mrinal Singh addresses the age-old concern about IT departments being treated like cost centres rather than an area
that creates value for the company. Short but relevant post.

Though Android and Chrome are familiar Linux-based technologies to most, some on this list, like CrunchBang, sound intriguing. This may be an overlooked aspect of BYOD: the need for wider OS support from IT departments.
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