They believe

Published: March 31st, 2003

Electronic service delivery. Return on investments. Public-private partnerships. Multi-channel service delivery. The destruction of silos.

All these issues – and many more – are on the minds of today’s leading public sector IT professionals. Everyday, the men and women profiled in this issue of CIO Governments’ Review strive to meet the challenges of government in the modern age. They struggle to integrate new service delivery models into existing public service programs and across disparate infrastructures – while the public demands better access to programs and services and budgets remain tight.

Sometimes, being a public sector IT leader can be a thankless task. Major accomplishments, or perhaps the launch of a major advance, may be overlooked by the end users. But those profiled in these pages are not interested in fame or accolades for a job well done. Instead, they share a belief in public service.

They believe there is nobility in serving the citizens of Canada. They believe they are making a difference. They believe they can reach the “Holy Grail” of public sector IT and develop a united approach to citizen-centred service delivery. They believe they are laying the foundation for the future of government service delivery in this country and setting an example for governments around the world.

While the road is a long one and there is still a long way to go, this issue demonstrates just how far the movement has advanced through the hard work of these high tech pioneers.

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