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Collaboration is critical to successful digital transformation

Everywhere you turn these days, someone’s talking about digital transformation. The phrase itself has become a “buzzword,” and just about every company in 2017...

Opinion: A top-down approach to IT management

IT management efforts to focus on service delivery within the enterprise are hamstrung by traditional IT management tools that view the world from a bottom-up perspective -- a method of managing individual components within a network under a specific category or silo. What's needed is a top-down perspective.

Formula for success

With costs soaring, Nortel Networks needed to overhaul its IT organization. CIO Albert Hitchcock, a Formula 1 racing fan, used a car-racing analogy to help rally support for his proposed changes. When the checkered flag came down, the company

Much ado about data: storage in the privacy zone

Governments operate on information. They keep track of when you're hatched, matched and dispatched, through birth certificates, marriage licences, divorce decrees and death certificates. Keeping all that material on file is a massive undertaking.

Old enterprise application silos demolished

"No question that this is something that should have been around from the beginning of ERP, but...

More ‘holistic’ view of IT security needed

Tying IT security with physical and other non-IT-related security functions could help companies better manage threats to their business, users said during a conference in Chicago organized by ASIS International, an organization of security professionals.

They believe

Electronic service delivery. Return on investments. Public-private partnerships. Multi-channel service delivery. The destruction of silos.

Deconstructing the stovepipe mentality

Government On-Line (GOL) in Canada has focused primarily on leveraging interdepartmental and cross-jurisdictional collaboration to provide services in a client-centric manner.

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