Technicity WEST: Building on COVID’s silver lining

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Virtual policing in Winnipeg, an AI-powered app that finds potholes in B.C. towns, and an HR platform designed for tracking athletic performance that is now used by the Department of Highways in Saskatchewan. These are just three innovative projects that will be highlighted at Technicity WEST, a three-hour virtual conference on Feb. 9 highlighting public sector innovation and digital government in Western Canada.

“We are overdue with our effort to shine the light on innovation in Western Canada, “ says Fawn Annan, ITWC’s CEO  and Chair of the virtual conference. “There is a tremendous amount of activity that is taking place that deserves some time in the national spotlight.”

The conference will explore three major issues: the changing citizen experience, how provincial and municipal governments are innovating to improve collaboration and efficiency; and how private and public partners can work better together to push digital government forward.

“As hard as it is to admit, there has been a silver lining to COVID,” says Jim Love, ITWC’s CIO and the emcee for the Technicity WEST Town Hall. “Public sector organizations that thought remote work was impossible a year ago are now working away efficiently. The real secret is figuring out how to ride the wave and build on those technology efforts. That’s what I hope to hear discussed at the conference.’’

The conference will include a mix of live and recorded presentations. It takes place on ITWC’s unique TECHNICTY-TV platform which allows for the audience to download related assets, live chat, take part in quizzes, and access a live Town Hall where individuals can comment on the issues raised earlier in the conference.

Conference presenters include a mixture of politicians, technologists and entrepreneurs with a focus on public sector innovation. Among the presenters are:

  • Catherine Chick, CIO, City of Vancouver
  • Jan Bradley, CIO, City of Calgary
  • Glen Cottick, Acting Director of Innovation, City of Winnipeg
  • Barb Carra, President & CIO, Cybera,
  • Roy Hart, CIO, BCIT
  • Wayne Karpoff, President & CEO Willowflen Systems
  • Roy Tal, CTO, Virtual Defence Inc.

….and more

RingCentral is a major sponsor of the conference. The CIO Association of Canada and MISA are both supporters.



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