Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) last week announced the next version of its data life cycle management software.

The StorNext Management Suite (SNMS) manages the migration and archiving of data throughout its life, shifting data automatically from expensive primary disk to less expensive Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) drives or to tape. The software is based on rules that govern the migration of data. For instance a network administrator could determine that business-critical data that has not been accessed in a year would be archived to tape.

This version of SNMS has been enhanced to work with IBM AIX, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server and SuSE linux operating systems, as well as support for StorageTek 9940B drives, AIT write once read many (WORM) technology and ADIC’s Scalar i2000 automated tape library.

StorNext consists of a combination of the StorNext File System and StorNext Storage Manager. The StorNext File System virtualizes storage devices into a common pool of data that can be migrated to appropriate media using the StorNext Storage Manager.

StorNext Management Suite starts at US$75,000 and is available now.