Sun Microsystems Inc. this week announced an update to the Solaris operating system that the company claims will increase network performance and eliminate bottlenecks.

Sun Solaris 8 1/01 OE now includes features that increase the performance and scalability of customer’s networks by as much as 10 percent, the company says.

Among other features, the software has refined the Unix File System so that databases will operate up to 200 percent more efficiently, and an additional memory management facility that improves system performance by 10 percent while allowing on-the-fly system reconfiguration. Solaris 8 1/01 OE also allows database users to change memory on the fly without rebooting the system.

In addition, Solaris 8 1/01 OE takes less time to create a file system on new storage arrays, from a worst case of 22 hours to less than 30 minutes. Solaris 8 1/01 OE also makes the migration of diskless client workstations to Solaris 8 easier.

Sun has added a new version of the management console that gives a consistent interface to utilities and remote administration.

A full list of product features and enhancements can be found at

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