(Larry Ellison bought an island in 2012 from Los Angeles billionaire David Murdock, who said the Oracle chief would bring “fresh perspective” to the inhabitants. Photo via Shutterstock)
One of the joys of being a reporter is getting to sound off about the good, the bad and the ugly we cover. Another is merely quoting people we talk to verbatim.
SiliconValley.com has put together a  list of quotable quotes during 2012 from the northern California IT district that will put a smile on your face as you head into the new year. There are mea culpas from Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as well as Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer on being lucky.
My fave — Melinda Gates apparently had to turn thumbs down to her children’s request for Apple products.
Unfortunately, this is a U.S.-centric article. My quote of 2012 would have included Industry Minister Christian Paradis promising that the Harper government’s digitial strategy is coming “by the end of the year.” He said it in May, and repeated it in August.

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