PIKA Technologies Inc. released today its new software developer kit, the MonteCarlo 6, which allows for the development of voice-enabled applications for PIKA’s MM-series of voice cards.

PIKA Technologies, based in Ottawa, manufactures both hardware and software subsystems to assist developers in building scalable solutions for voice and fax.

Supporting both C and C++ languages, new capabilities include enhanced fax support and new digital logging and monitoring capabilities.

Other enhancements include support for the global system for mobile communications (GSM), and the new PIKA voice processing operating systems which allows developers to write their own digital signal processing (DSP) applications.

Irene Crosby, head of marketing for PIKA, said the firm has worked with companies such as British Telecom, the Ottawa Telephony Group Inc, based in Ottawa, and Maple Leaf Communications Inc, based in Prescott, Ont., to develop voice-enabled applications using the kit.

“It’s our [sound] cards and the PIKA MonteCarlo software developer kit that enables some of the advanced voice services that the application developer has built into his or her software,” she said.

In addition to support for Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 2000, the MM-series voice cards now support Microsoft’s Windows XP.

Current customers can request a free upgrade to MonteCarlo at the company’s Web site.

For further pricing information visit www.pikatechnologies.com.