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Wal-Mart to support smartcard payments

Retail giant's reported move to chip-and-PIN transactions could finally nudge others into doing same in the U.S.

The case for claims-based identity management

B.C. CIO Dave Nikolejsin is putting his weight behind a new approach to verifying who someone is online and creating trusted services that promise to put the user back in control. Now he just has to convince everyone else in Canada.

Alcatel announces 100 Gig Ethernet modules

Telus plans to buy at least 80 of the devices to manage the metropolitan portion of its network, so customers can pay a premium for improved quality of service. Find out about the FP2 chipset

Telecom vendors announce 100-Gig metro networking

A Dutch research and education network completed a trial using 100 Gbps optical networking, while Juniper has announced 100 GigE cards. The technology is one of Nortel

Visa, Rogers, RBC bank on mobile payments trial

Near-field communication chips will be installed on pre-production Motorola Sliver phones and distributed to up to around 500 people. Meet the vendor that brought the partners together

Nigeria antifraud agency to unplug Internet at homes

The government agency is cracking down on fraudsters operating from homes, offices and hotels who send out suspicious e-mail. It also wants to register everyone with a cellular SIM card and an Internet access point

U.K. gov’t urged to drop multibillion pound IT plans

Prime Minister accused of wasting huge amounts of money as bureaucrats start work on a communications database that hasn't been approved yet by parliament

Apcon offers faster matrix switches

The company's series allows 10GbEthernet connectivity, offers more ports in less space and includes dual controllers for failover capability. Just think about patch panels in a home stereo system

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