ParaSoft, specializing in error prevention and detection solutions, last week announced the release of their automatic unit-testing tool for C and C++ development. C++Test provides developers and managers with a tool to ensure error-free applications. Parasoft’s C++Test is an automatic unit testing tool that performs black box testing, white-box testing and regression testing. The tool will assist development teams in producing applications by helping to ensure that all code is robust and error-free. C++Test lets users test their classes immediately after they’ve written and compiled them, which helps detect and prevent errors early in the development cycle. C++Test supports COM objects allowing development teams to test classes and methods that call to COM object methods. It runs on Windows 98 and NT and will soon be available for Linux and Solaris. The tool starts at US$3500 per seat. ParaSoft, of Monrovia, Calif., can be found at

Prices listed are in US currency.