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Korean company targets Canadian market and incumbent vendors with latest DBMS

TmaxSoft says Tibero 6 is aimed at customers looking for a lower-cost alternative to Oracle

Oracle endorses

Oracle insists it

Oracle signals the end for OpenSolaris

The company will no longer release binaries for Sun's open-source OS. Solaris 11 is the next major update to the Solaris operating system, which Oracle has said will be released next year

Deal done, Oracle now reassures Sun users

It really is time to stop worrying about the future of the acquired firm, said Oracle, as it pares back product lines to focus on MySQL, Java, UltraSparc and Solaris

Oracle, European Commission spar over Sun merger

Observers expect a bare-knuckle fight between Oracle and the Commission over the inclusion of MySQL in the Sun deal

Customers, resellers worried about Oracle-Sun deal

Customers and resellers of Sun systems want answers about the fate of various product lines once Oracle completes its US$7.4 billion acquisition. So far answers have been vague

Novell targets Sun virtualization customers

The company has updated its Platespin Migrate offering, adding the ability to migrate workloads from Sun physical servers into virtual Solaris Containers

Oracle agrees to buy Sun for US$7.4B

Weeks after a rumoured deal with IBM fell through, the maker of Java, Solaris and a raft of IT infrastructure products gets snapped up by the world's largest database provider

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