Oblix Inc. this week released a plug-in that will tightly integrate its access management software with BEA Systems Inc’s WebLogic application server.

The NetPoint BEA Ready Realm provides identity management and single sign-on capabilities that can be built into Java 2 Enterprise Edition applications developed for the BEA server.

The combination provides IT executives with a tightly integrated security and application server environment for hosting Web-based applications.

Enterprises that deploy Web applications on the WebLogic server can centralize user access at a single point. The plug-in also allows enterprises to create a single set of access controls for individuals and user groups.

Previously, application developers had to use the Oblix Java Software Development Kit and a set of Java APIs to integrate with application servers. Now, developers can use BEA’s security APIs when building applications. When those applications are run on the server, the NetPoint BEA Ready Realm will override calls to BEA APIs and direct them to NetPoint.

0″We think this will reduce the amount of time it takes to develop applications that use identity management and access control,” said Enrique Salem, senior vice-president of products and technology. “We are extending the role management, delegated management and workflow of NetPoint so it can be used with WebLogic.”

Enterprises will be able to map roles created in BEA, such as a human resources administrator’s role, into NetPoint and manage them from a central console.

Oblix NetPoint is one of many Web-based access-control products that are beginning to gain a foothold in enterprises moving critical applications to the Web for use by employees and partners. Other vendors include RSA Security, Netegrity and Open Network Technologies.

The NetPoint BEA Ready Realm is priced between US$15 and US$25 per user depending on the number of users. The software is available now.