Articles Related to identity management

SecTor 2018: Four identity management trends to prepare for

Four approaches to identity management are being put to boards or into strategic plans for consideration in long-term planning. Read why

Toronto-based Nymi looks to deepen enterprise push with $15 million in new funding

Nymi will make a push into the pharmaceutical industry with its new funding. But that's just the start for this platform company.

There’s more to distributed trust than Blockchain

The bitcoin and distributed consensus is just the early stages of a new paradigm for managing transactions and needs to go further to support enterprise-grade applications

Zero trust: Data breach prevention is all about breaking the kill chain

While the FUD factor can help make the case for privileged access management, demonstrating how a breach will be dealt with can convince senior management PAM is worth the investment

Apple vs FBI: why we need a “Made in Canada” solution

It is time to consider what the court order initiated by the FBI and issued to Apple reveals about expectations of US authorities in regards to personal data privacy, and whether we need to consider a different solution for Canada.

VMware focuses on end user productivity with Workspace ONE, Horizon updates

By leveraging recent mobile management acquisitions and virtualization heritage, the company is looking to make it easy for IT departments to deliver any app or service to any device via a single cloud

ServiceNow adds identity management to the mix through Centrify integration

Popular ITIL platform expands reach with ability quickly and easily provider users across the organization with secure access to service and applications

IT not doing enough to secure Active Directory, says expert

An AD Certified Master offers pointers on how to better secure the directory many organizations depend on

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