Mark Olson

Mark has been an IT leader in primary and secondary support, training, application implementation and operation, and IT infrastructure and operations. He is currently active as a Project Manager and business operator. He has worked in the fields of Municipal Government, Health Care, NGO's, Energy, Agriculture and Transportation. He has held roles on the board of CIPS Calgary, and is a past president of CIPS Alberta. Mark's interest, and focus, is on the pragmatic and personal aspects of IT; how do we make organizations and individuals ready to make use of the systems that are provided, and what is necessary to ensure that systems advance the interests of the organizations and individuals that pay for them?

Articles by Mark Olson

What would Alan Turing think about Pokémon Go?

What would Alan Turing have to say about Pokémon Go?

Ransomware at the U of C: Where does IT go from here?

The University of Calgary, regrettably, chose to pay a $20,000 ransom to a cyberattacker. What are the implications of that decision, and what positive outcomes can derived from the situation?

Apple vs FBI: why we need a “Made in Canada” solution

It is time to consider what the court order initiated by the FBI and issued to Apple reveals about expectations of US authorities in regards to personal data privacy, and whether we need to consider a different solution for Canada.

Knowing the unknowable: the challenge of complying with the Digital Privacy Act

While there are many aspects to the new Digital Privacy Act, one that is not on most IT groups radar, and will likely impact IT the most, is the requirement to establish and maintain a record of breaches of the security controls protecting personal information

Online identity management is a mess, and it’s time for Canadians to fix it

A lack of leadership from Canadian governments to establish reliable and broadly usable on line identities has lead to frustrated Citizens, and is putting our personal data, and our organizations reputations, at risk.

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