Today, people carry a number of mobile devices – cell phones, laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs) – that have become indispensable aids in their work and leisure activities. Soon, these devices will be able to communicate with each other, creating instant networks that allow these devices to share information and capabilities.

Making this possible are wireless ad hoc networks: mobile networks that can be set up anywhere and anytime – outside the Internet or another pre-existing network infrastructure. An ad hoc – or multi-hop – mobile wireless network is a collection of wireless mobile stations that form a network without the intervention of a fixed wired or wireless infrastructure. These mobile stations facilitate communications between themselves without the aid of any administration, carrying out the functions normally carried out by BSs and MTSOs such as, routing, mobility tracking, and multiple access control.

In this one-day TechTalk session, Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO) brings together experts in this area from both industry and academia to discuss and provide future trends of mobile wireless ad hoc networks.

Fee: $150 members; $250 non-members