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Advancing construction management in the cloud

The construction industry does not immediately spring to mind when we think of industries pursuing digitally-enabled growth. However, construction management is an area of...

Keys to unlocking the doors to digital transformation

There is no one right answer to the question of what powers a company’s digital transformation. But according to Amine El-Karkri of FX Innovation,...

IT transformation can be a profitable investment

Driving the IT transformation of your organization can seem like a daunting process, but a few careful considerations can make it a key growth...

Intel announces standalone foundry services group, updates technology roadmap, and more

Intel's new chief executive officer Pat Gelsinger made a series of announcements at the Intel Unleashed event on March 23, outlining the company's technology roadmap, the launch of a new business unit, and its plans to launch semiconductor manufacturing plants in Arizona.

The top three cybersecurity success factors might surprise you

[Sponsored] The number one thing organizations can do to improve their security programs is to refresh their technology. That was one of the unexpected findings from a Cisco Security Outcomes Study released Dec. 1.

Academic | An interview with Joshua McKenty, co-founder of OpenStack on the art of contemporary cloud computing

Brian sat down with Victoria’s Joshua McKenty, Co-Founder of Openstack and Piston Cloud to discuss what the future beholds for a medium near and dear to both of our hearts.

Three common DCIM pitfalls and how to avoid them

To the question of whether data center infrastructure management (DCIM) works as intended, it depends on who you ask. Those who have successfully deployed...

Successfully building and expanding your data center

IT infrastructure planning today, in the age of disruption, is no easy task. The emergence of cloud and IoT has upped the complexity factor,...

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