Published: October 3rd, 2003

Few years ago this pilot fish worked for a Canadian ISP that was hemorrhaging money from its Web department, and was in dire straits to right the ship. An emergency meeting was called to address the problems. “I assumed the meeting would involve things like, oh, I don’t know, drafting a business plan,” recalls pilot fish. Instead, it was determined that the server administrator should no longer be allowed to wear jeans. “Needless to say, the company has since gone on to lose tens of thousands of dollars.”

The scenic route

Pilot fish is local support specialist (LSS) for Canadian firm with several offices. One day, the only printer at a remote site breaks down. The normal procedure is to call the LSS when the business experiences any IT-related problem. Instead, business technician opts for buying and installing PC-fax software and fax modem. He sends a document from PC via fax modem to fax machine which is located beside printer, and – voil