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Could ChatGPT be a manager?

In a recent experiment, JobSage, an employer review site, prompted ChatGPT to write emails addressing fifteen sensitive management scenarios, then had law, human resources...

8 tactics for managing your career transition as a newcomer to Canada

If you are an IT professional, just landed in Canada, or planning to anytime soon, you might be wondering how to land your first...

When your team needs to change its practices and skills

Tips on how to manage the transition to new skills and practices

Career Watch: Job interview do’s and don’ts

Jim Fortner, vice-president at Procter & Gamble, answers questions about training on the cheap and giving input to a nontechnical bossrnrn

Naser cops top award for IT leadership

ITLA 2010 In its inaugural year, ComputerWorld Canada's IT Leadership Awards honoured almost 50 finalists in nine categories for their contributions to their teams, and to information technology in Canada. Read who won

New Novell software manages multiple hypervisors

The company hopes the tool will eliminate vendor lock-in and boost the efficiency of server virtualization. Plus, virtualization analyst Chris Wolf gives his take on the new product

Career advice: Training on the cheap

Ask A Premier 100 Leader, this time with Jim Fortner of Proctor & Gamble. Also, giving input to a nontechnical boss, and the merits of job switching

Xiotech announces new array, management software

Emprise 9000 array comes with thin provisioning, and scales from two to 12 controllers

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