Microsoft has partnered up with Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards to bring its program, Microsoft for Startups, to Canada’s capital.

“The technology eco-system has yielded outstanding Canadian success stories for decades. We are incredibly proud to join forces with Invest Ottawa to help accelerate growth in our nation’s capital,” said Kevin Peesker, the president of Microsoft Canada, in a press release. “Innovative startups like MindBridge AI call Ottawa home because of the access to world-class talent and resources, and this collaboration with Invest Ottawa will help them continue to lift up under-represented voices in tech and drive more public sector startup innovation.”


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According to the company’s website, Microsoft for Startups helps eligible startups build and scale their companies, facilitating access to technical and business resources that often exceed the reach of early-stage companies.

Invest Ottawa, an economic development agency for knowledge-based industries, will be collaborating with Microsoft for Startups on joint marketing strategies, onsite office hours for founders, webinars, and events.

Additionally, Invest Ottawa also plans to use a startup showcase series to attract more startups to Microsoft’s program.

“We are honoured to work with Microsoft and welcome their sponsorship of Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards,” said Michael Tremblay, the president and chief executive officer of Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards, in the press release. “Building directly on our Venture Development offering, the Microsoft for Startups program will create new capabilities for entrepreneurs, and facilitate access to new global markets, customers and investors. This will catalyze the scaleup and success of high-growth tech firms across our economy from healthtech to public safety and security, govtech, fintech, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), and clean and connected communities.”