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COVID-19: Provincial health hotlines and telehealth options

Accessing healthcare during a pandemic is not business as usual. Intensive care units and other critical healthcare infrastructure are dedicated to only the most crucial of cases, leaving many others scrambling for options.

A quick guide for businesses navigating Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has not been an easy time for Canadian businesses as the first major wave of layoffs occurred this week. In hopes of mitigating the negative economic effects, Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced the COVID-19 Economic Response Plan March 18, providing relief for both workers and businesses.

Github acquires npm to aid JavaScript developers

The Microsoft-owned Github has announced that is has acquired npm, a company with a large registry of JavaScript packages. Nat Friedman, Github's chief executive officer, who made the announcement in a blog post, wrote that npm's place in the open-source space and their hefty registry of JavaScript packages was a key reason for the purchase.

Microsoft closes all retail locations due to COVID-19 concerns

Microsoft has temporarily closed its retail locations globally due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

Maple launches free online screening and consultation solution in response to COVID-19

While health officials do their best to provide answers to the public about COVID-19, many questions still remain, and Maple is doing what it can to quell those concerns as it has announced the launch of free online screening and doctor's consultations for residents of Ontario, completely covered by OHIP.

Fixing ‘unmanageable’ Phoenix system will take roughly a year, says SAP

It's unclear how tests for the federal government's new HR and pay solution will be carried out, but one thing Bob Conlin, SAP Canada's vice-president of public services, is certain about are the issues plaguing the current Phoenix pay system.

Solo effort from government won’t deliver a national digital ID system, says CEO of SecureKey

As our lives become more digitized, a national digital ID system becomes all the more important; a sentiment shared by most Canadians. But we can't rely on the government alone to get the job done, one expert says.

A running list of cancelled or postponed tech events due to COVID-19

By now, the sheer amount of altered events has likely got your head spinning, so we compiled a complete list of those changed events to help you keep track.

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