If you’re a tech grad, don’t assume the time you’ve spent gaming won’t help your case in front of potential employers.

According to a survey conducted by Robert Half Technology of Canadian CIOs, certain interests, like playing video games, can increase an entry-level IT job seeker’s appeal. Outside of professional experience, CIOs showed interest in candidates who have website or app development experience, participated in hack-a-thons, or have video game playing or development experience.

The survey also showed that graduating with a tech degree isn’t always necessary. Highlight business or marketing, mathematics, and liberal arts majors as having a possible competitive advantage over other applicants.

“Although a new graduate’s relevant work experience may not be as robust, they often still have the skills and drive necessary to excel,” said Deborah Bottineau, senior regional manager of Robert Half Technology, in the survey report. “Highlighting a range of abilities and interests can help job seekers stand out as versatile, and passionate about developing their careers. Aspiring professionals who have studied within multiple disciplines should make an effort to show how these additional skillsets can relate to, and enhance, the IT positions they pursue.”

There might be some value to this train of thought. I am, after all, just a humble liberal arts graduate.

Check out the infographic put out by Robert Half Technology below for the full results of the survey.