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Top 5 technical skills wanted by Canadian CIOs

Those in IT looking for a job in the second half of 2017 may want to pay attention to these five technical skills. According to...

Is your hobby valued by Canadian CIOs?

If you're a tech grad, don't assume the time you've spent gaming won't help your case in front of potential employers. According to a survey...

Top 10 TV shows for IT professionals and tech geeks

Whether it involves an underground hacker group taking down the world’s economic system, or artificial intelligence robots becoming self-aware, technology has proved to be the basis of many fantastic TV shows. With fall programming in full swing, we break down the top shows with a tech focus of the last couple years.

Rewarding sharing in the enterprise space

Winners of AceTech Ontario's 2015 Leadership Initiative Awards were recognized not for the size of their company but the expertise they are able to share

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