InterSystems Corp. next week will unveil Ensemble, an application integration platform that includes the functionality of an integration server, application server, and object database.

Ensemble gives managers a rapid development environment to bring together the useful components of existing applications. Ensemble uses what InterSystems calls a Universal Service Architecture (USA) that allows the use of any development tool or technology, including Web services, Java, .NET, XML, SQL, and COM. The practical consequence of this is that to a Java developer, the USA offers up components as if they were Java Foundation Classes. And similarly, a Microsoft Corp. developer would be presented with a set of .NET components.

Ensemble also includes a persistent object engine, which is an SQL-compliant, high-performance object database that manages and stores all metadata, messages between application components, and provides information about a processes’ state. Additionally, Ensemble features a customizable management environment that lets an administrator monitor and troubleshoot integrated applications.

Breaking into a new market

InterSystems is well known in the healthcare, financial, and life science markets for its Cach

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