Vancouver-based INETCO Systems is releasing software aimed at providing the retail, finance and payments industries, real-time monitoring and analysis of the end-to-end payment transactions.

INETCO Insight 3.1, aimed at point of sale (POS) and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) payment avenues, will be able to gather captured transaction information, allowing IT staff to perform network health checks and receive alerts about issues before they affect customers. INETCO said the software is easy to deploy and has been designed to operate without the risk of network or transaction flow disruption.

According to INETCO, the software can also allow organizations to visualize in real-time how each ATM and POS terminal is performing, how upstream providers are responding, and how the payment infrastructure is handling the transactions. The company said the solution will help companies in their growing need for real-time business communications and business transaction intelligence. Customers will be able to, INETCO said, align IT strategy with corporate business objectives by maximizing transaction uptime, reducing infrastructure costs and improving overall business operations.

INETCO Insight is now available directly through INETCO and its reseller partner channel.

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