Chief information officers in Canada using social media are starting to show a consistent behaviour pattern: They’re not interested in becoming the next Lady Gaga, but they are paying close attention to what’s being said and beginning to share their own insights, where appropriate.
A random sampling of Canadian CIOs on Twitter shows where they are positioned based on a score assigned by the online service Klout. Looking at how often someone posts to Twitter, how often they engage in conversations with other users and how often their posts are shared, Klout gives a number and maps users into a quadrant that has been recreated below. The scores listed are those Klout assigned at the time this was created.

What’s interesting is that this graphic shows a broad range of communication styles among Canadian CIOs. As they gain more experience, expect more of them to move into the upper echelons of this square — much in the way many of them are moving into more senior leadership roles in their organization.

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Best-known Canadian CIOs on Twitter rank in terms of their Klout score
 Graphic by Mel Mansan and Jeff Radecki