Published: July 10th, 2003

No, your eyes do not deceive you – we’ve given ComputerWorld a little facelift. Granted, in terms of makeovers, this is not what you’d call sweeping. It sits somewhere between a Michael Jackson and a Cher. But change we have.

First, the big adjustments. We’ve taken IS Strategies, home to Peter de Jager’s nerve-hitting column, and merged it with Careers. As a result, that section has increased in size. It will, however, continue to focus on helping all of you, from the entry-level support person to the CIO, do your jobs more effectively. In the coming months Careers will also help you meet some of your peers – to find out why they entered the IT field in the first place, and what keeps them there.

Next is the New Products page, or rather the lack of it. Poll after poll has told us that you, our readers, like reading about them. So have no fear, we haven’t stopped listing them. Instead you’ll find them throughout the new Software and Infrastructure sections, both of which will run in each and every issue.

Our section dedicated to application development stays as is, but under the new banner of Programming. Logging Off also remains the same.

Finally, you may have noticed that the News section has shrunk, and the middle technology sections have grown. The idea behind that is to provide you with even more in-depth analysis of new technologies, user trends, case studies and – on occasion – reviews.

All your favourite columnists remain, though several have found new homes within CW.

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