It was great to connect with a large group of IT leaders earlier this week at a resort in Muskoka (the picture above is just outside the area where we ate), where we talked about the impact of big data. Among my guests were Fariba Anderson, who we’ve profiled on this site before during her roles with OLG and MPAC. She was great in our panel discussion.

This was a share of a story I wrote, but it’s interesting to see how others react to what was said:

One of the more interesting blog posts I read this week.

I missed this one, but it sounds like it was great. SIM is a fantastic organization.

Career opportunity (at least via social media) of the week:

And finally, I thought this was a good reminder. With all the talk about CIOs needing to work better with CMOs, you hardly ever hear anyone mention human resources, even though employee engagement is core to anything an organization does, including IT projects: