Fastlane DMmanager

Published: August 20th, 2000

FastLane Technologies Inc., developer of directory management software, has announced an upgrade to DM/Manager, which includes password migration. Password migration moves user account passwords into active directory, reducing security risks and ensuring that a Windows 2000 migration is transparent to end-users. Without password migration, end-users are required to log into a new domain with a default password, and must then reset a new one. This often confuses end-users and can result in an increasing amount of help desk calls. With DM/Manager 5.1 users are sheltered from the migration and can log in as usual in the new active directory domain. Allowing end-users to continue using current Windows NT 4.0 passwords following a migration greatly simplifies the administrative activities associated with migration. Passwords are never exposed during the migration process. DM/Manager 5.1 will have Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 support, which provides a more robust, reliable and scalable backend database. SQL Server enhances the ability to track all migration activities and provides rollbacks of all migration activities. Pricing begins at $8 per managed user, with enterprise license and DM/Suite discounts available. FastLane, of Ottawa, can be contacted at

Prices listed are in US currency.

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