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Are software containers the key to reducing operating system sprawl in the cloud?

DH2i is helping enterprises containerize Microsoft SQL Server in the cloud while reducing overprovisioning

Microsoft opens up to open source with SQL Server for Linux

The announcement marks the first time the Redmond, Wash.-based vendor has featured SQL Server on a platform that’s not Windows-based

New version of SQL Server has expanded in-memory capabilities

Database offers 'breakthrough performance for applications in throughput and latency,' says executive

Microsoft embraces all data

Connectivity is getting lots of attention from Microsoft, and the company wants you to know it. On its blog, it views the Internet of Things...

Software moves SQL Server instances for disaster recovery

Database files are likely the biggest and most complex in an organization. Protecting them with a business continuity/ disaster recovery strategy is essential. DH2i Co.,...

Oracle lures SQL Server users with MySQL tool

New migration tool is intended to take away Microsoft's customers. But is moving really worth the trouble?

Windows Phone 7 gets open source database

A U.K.-based mobile software developer has ported an embedded database product to Microsoft's Windows Mobile 7 operating system. Perst is currently the only open source database management system available for WP7

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 set for May release

The new edition of Microsoft

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