Published: November 6th, 2008

Microsoft Word

Okay, so it’s hardly a new product, but what IT manager today wouldn’t pick Microsoft Word, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary? It’s a familiar interface that usually requires no help-desk support and is the foundation for creating enterprise documents. Happy birthday!

Sun Sparc Enterprise T5440

You need a good server to run applications from the likes of SAP, which is why Sun Microsystems recently bragged about benchmark tests that show its recently released Sparc Enterprise T5440 running on SAP ERP release 6.0 and Oracle 10G on Solaris 10 delivered the highest four-processor results. It scored well on Siebel and Java apps, too.

HTC Touch Pro

To me, this is what a business phone should look like. The HTC Touch Pro goes a step further than the iPhone or even the BlackBerry with a slide-out five-row keyboard that would make working with documents and enterprise applications a lot easier. Give your thumbs a rest.