Cloud computing in its many guises has been around long enough for CIOs to get a rough idea whether there’s a return on investment. The feeling — proven by its soaring growth — is that services like Salesforce are a no-brainer. But what about everything else?
If you can generalize from a survey of 20 chief information officers, apparently it’s thumbs up — with some reservations.
As this story from Forbes details, U.S. consulting firm Navint Partners recently surveyed a small group of CIOs from Fortune 500 companies about their experience with cloud services. Most were pleased. Within the story there’s also a link to the white paper.
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The results suggest that management worries about cloud’s ability to save their organization money can be quickly overcome.
Interestingly, the Navint report notes that survey respondents — who were largely American-based CIOs — still ranked security as the top concern (above compliance and integrity), and affirmed data security and privacy as the number one barrier to both public and private cloud adoption. Despite highly advanced security and fraud countermeasures employed by cloud vendors, the report says, CIOs and other executives regard security guarantees and redundancy policies with guarded pessimism.
Canadian CIOs feel the same way,I learned, at a recent conference I covered.  Cloud still has a way to go.