Does your day look this bad?

Gartner group vice-president Mark McDonald believes it’s time to give IT a wake-up call, or, as he calls it, an epic journey.
Why? Because, he writes “the road IT is on is more than well worn and rutted into a track that can easily lock out opportunities for innovation and growth.” So in this installment of his blog he starts the journey with a typical Monday in the life of a typical CIO pondering his week ahead. Read it and ponder whether it resembles what you face.
(Image via Shutterstock) 
His “John Delsey” seems to be bored — there’s a lot of ‘been there, done that’ in his thinking. So what McDonald is asking is what will energize a CIO? Is there a magoic potion? Will it energize the IT department? The entire organization?
Stay tuned for Chapter 2.


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