Cryptek DiamondTek

Published: August 20th, 2000

Cryptek Secure Communications LLC has introduced its hardware-based DiamondTEK network security product line providing security for e-commerce applications. DiamondTEK features an “off the board” that enables the system to act as a gatekeeper, operating independent of the host computer and therefore unaffected by security leaks or flaws in the computer’s operating system or applications, according to Cryptek. The DiamondTEK system is designed to provide a non-intrusive and secure platform where multiple public and private networks can conduct business safely online by using administrator-created and authorized Dynamic Secure Virtual Networks. To enhance that feature, DiamondTEK components DiamondCentral, a network security console for the administrator, and DiamondNIC, a NIC (network interface card), eliminating the need for user IDs and network passwords. Cryptek’s DiamondTEK products are now available with a starting price of US$12,995 for an Expandable Basic Starter Kit. Cryptek Secure Communications, in Chantilly, Va., is at

Prices listed are in US currency.

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