Microsoft Canada Co. will team with the Customer Relationship Management Association of Canada (CRMA Canada) to undertake a study on Canadian enterprises and their implementations of customer relationship management (CRM).

The study, to be released in November of this year, will examine how enterprises can maximize CRM investments to deliver performance back into business, and will specifically focus on issues and processes these enterprises face as they adopt CRM.

Microsoft and CRMA Canada will look at a cross section of Canadian enterprises, including retail, telecommunications and financial services companies.

According to the CRMA, the failure rate for those companies adopting CRM is high due to “silo-ed” solutions of the past that met the needs of specific business units, but didn’t provide a consistent customer-view and experience.

“It is common knowledge that investments in CRM software and programs have traditionally delivered low success rates with failures documented in the 60 to 80 per cent range,” said Laura Pollard, president of CRMA Canada, in a statement. “Our ultimate goal is to give Canadian companies an edge in optimizing their corporate performance through CRM investments.”

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