Despite the current downward trend of the IT market, demand for customer relationship management (CRM) software services rose in 2001 over the previous year and will continue to grow in 2002, according to a recent study conducted by Gartner Inc.’s Dataquest Inc. division.

Revenue for the CRM market is forecast to total US$25.3 billion in 2002, growing to reach $47 billion by 2006, Gartner Dataquest said in a statement promoting its report, “CRM Services Market Size and Forecast, 2001 – 2006”.

In 2001, the CRM market totalled $22 billion, a 10.6 per cent increase from 2000 revenue, the report said.

Small and medium-size businesses are the main drivers in the CRM market with development and integration being the most popular aspect of CRM services, Gartner Dataquest said.