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The Waterloo, Ont.-based company has teamed up with a New York-based solution provider to roll out a specialized version of its iLane platform to a

US gov’t criticizes texting/phoning while driving study

Laws banning cell phone use, including texting, while driving apparently don't result in actually reducing vehicle crashes, according to a new study that was immediately criticized by the U.S. Department of Transportation as "irresponsible."

Microsoft frees Linux drivers

Microsoft released three of its drivers for Linux under the GLP v2.0 license. Will other closed-source vendors follow suit?

Manitoba announces enhanced driver’s licence and ID cards

Manitoba's Attorney General Dave Chomiak has announced proposed legislative amendments which would allow Manitoba to develop a voluntary enhanced driver's licence, as well as an ID card that would meet border travel requirements in the United States.

Toronto cab company dispatches GPS, POS to taxis

Co-Op Cabs is turning to global positioning systems and point of sale technology to help drivers improve their "hustle" and book more customers --while turning its dispatchers into an IT help desk of sorts

TEAC ships thermal disc printer

The P-55-C can print a CD or DVD with photos in less than two minutes, and has 400 dpi resolution. It has both USB and parallel ports

Blogosphere: SP1 gets spanked

Microsoft riled its customer base with an announcement that the first Service Pack for its Windows Vista operating system may cause problems with certain security products. Three sample reactions

Compatibility could challenge Windows Server use

IDC says the updated version owes more to Windows 2000 than Windows 2003, and will require an extensive evaluation of scenarios and planning. Then there are the application issues

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