The Ontario government has launched a new Web site to help rural community leaders plan for future development in their municipalities.

REDDI – which stands for Rural Economic Development Data and Intelligence – provides one-window Internet access to economic development information, community economic analysis tools and socio-economic data. Communities can use the site to assess competitive advantages, identify local strengths, and analyze current conditions and trends affecting local economies.

“Many communities have difficulty finding the information they need to plan their economic futures successfully,” said Brian Coburn, the associate minister of municipal affairs and housing. “We developed REDDI to help communities build their own capacity, so they can create – and put in place – their own recipes for success. While the site will be of particular use to rural Ontario, REDDI will benefit all towns and cities looking to achieve well-planned growth.”

Stephen Chait, director of economic development for the Town of Markham said the government has provided economic development officers across Ontario with a cutting-edge tool to boost rural economic growth.

“I would recommend that all economic development officers try it,” Chait said of REDDI. “Once widely adopted, the REDDI Web site will be essential in the decision-making process of municipal, business and community leaders.”

REDDI can be found at