Centennial Software says it’s helping IT departments prepare for more audits and compliance requests by adding features to the latest version of its licence management tools.

Version 2.1 of Centenntial License Manager includes improved support for version maintenance, which the company said would meet the conditions of Microsoft’s Software Assurance program. It will also record or report software purchases against specific business units, which may have their own software and licensing models. Many vendors now ask customers to complete one-page vendor compliance reports, and Portland, Ore.-based Centennial said its product would complement those reports.

Typical pricing for Centennial License Manager 2.1 for a 500-PC enterprise is US$9.12 per seat, but the company said it could also be combined with its Centennial Discovery auditing software to create the Centennial SAM.Suite. That combination would cost US$32.83 per seat, the company said.