A new Virtual Reality Applications Fund is set to receive $100,000 annually from the Manitoba government, according to Science, Technology, Energy and Mines Minister Jim Rondeau.

Virtual reality is a technology that allows a user to interact with a computer-simulated environment. The technology can be applied to a variety of research, product development, training, simulation, prototyping and marketing activities in industries including architecture and gaming.

Rondeau said that Manitoba’s competitiveness depends on understanding and adopting value-added technologies such as virtual reality.

“Businesses could realize significant benefits from applying virtual reality to their product development and marketing efforts, and the new fund will give them a better opportunity to benefit from technology and expertise based right here in Manitoba.”

Companies wanting to use the technology at Manitoba’s Virtual Reality Centre will receive financial assistance from the fund.

“Access to new or specialized technology is a concern for new media developers,” said Kevin Hnatiuk of New Media Manitoba in a released statement.

The Industrial Technology Centre, which operates the Virtual Reality Centre new the University of Manitoba, will manage the new fund.

For more information on the Virtual Reality Applications fund visit www.itc.mb.ca

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