As the Republican National Convention wrapped up, voters eager to ‘hit’ the polls don’t have to wait until November to ‘punch’ their vote.

Sorrent, a creator and publisher of entertainment for mobile phones, has launched Bush vs. Kerry Boxing, a politically charged boxing game for mobile phones.

The game allows mobile subscribers to step into the ring as either candidate and take their best shot at knocking out their opponent. Players can use signature Bush vs. Kerry Boxing moves including the “Right Wing Hook” or the “Far Left Jab.”

In addition to posing as George W. or Kerry, people can also choose to fight tournament style with “campaign mode,” which challenges mobile subscribers to fight their way through the ranks of several of the opposing party’s key political figures.

The results of each Bush-Kerry mobile match is automatically calculated and posted to Sorrent’s Web site so people can check the leader of the “Pugilist Poll.” For those of you without immediate access to a dictionary, ‘pugilist’ means ‘fighter.’

Sorrent said it will donate 10 per cent of proceeds from Bush vs. Kerry Boxing to Rock the Vote, a non-profit organization with the mission of engaging youth in the political process.

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