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Google Pixel 3 XL review: The best Google phone you’ll never buy

Google's flagship smartphone for 2018 might be its best yet, but does it measure up to the stiff competition from Samsung and Apple?

Why Google Fi might not make it to Canada

Is something like Google Fi what the Canadian wireless market needs to foster competition?

World’s biggest SIM card maker probes reported NSA hack

Stolen encryption keys allows hackers to potentially listen in on mobile phone voice and data communications of billions of people, according to reports

BlackBerry’s BES encryption cracked by U.S. spies

Documents leaked by former United States security contractor, Edward Snowden, indicate that American intelligence operatives were able to decipher messages sent using BlackBerry Ltd.’s...

Opera upgrades mobile browser for Symbian

In Opera Mobile 10.1, JavaScript performance is improved ninefold, and the new version also includes geolocation

RIM buys mobile software developer Viigo

The Toronto-based company

Mobile gap closes, but digital divide grows in South Africa

The digital divide is just one of the topics slated for discussion at Harvard next week, where Ottawa-based IDRC is gathering Nobel prize-winning economists, ICT experts and scholars from Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, South Africa and South Asia for a forum on ICT and poverty around the globe

Indian farmers control irrigation with mobile phones

Mobile services operator Tata Teleservices is piloting a service that will help farmers work around erratic electricity supply by using mobile phones to monitor and control irrigation pumps

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