Published: December 13th, 2001

In effort to enhance availability and performance of voice, video and data across WANs and LANs, EnterasysNetworks Inc. last month introduced a series of new modules for its X-Pedition line of modular Layer 3-7 routers. The modules bring an array of new technologies to the company’s flagship gigabit Ethernet router, the X-Pedition ER16. The new modules include ATM/OC-3, WAN (HSSI, WAN (serial), FDDI and higher capacity Fast Ethernet fibre modules. Each offers a set of features for security, traffic prioritization and management. The new modules are available now. Visit the company on the Web at

Keyboard, video, mouse access and switching company, Raritan Computer Inc. last month announced ConsoleSwitch SCS232, a multi-user switching device that enables two users to access up to 32 devices through serial console ports. ConsoleSwitch SCS232 has been specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the Somerset, N.J.-based company’s flagship switching product, Paragon. The combination of Paragon and ConsoleSwitch allows for centralized out-of-band access to servers, switches, routers, network appliances and devices. ConsoleSwitch SCS232 is available this month and is priced at US$3,500. For details visit

3Com Corp. recently announced the availability of a higher-density version of its Fast Ethernet switch. The new 48-port SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 is, according to the company, the industry’s first 48-port switch with Layer 4 traffic classification. 3Com says the new offering will enable customers to have tighter control over network traffic, which will in turn means businesses are able to monitor and prioritize network traffic. Available now, the switch’s list price is $4,945. The company also said it has launched the SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 switch family’s Version 2.0 software, which is available now as a free upgrade. Customers can download the software from the company’s Web site at

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