Summary 2.3, a new version of the Web server log analyzer from Summary.Net, is now available and compatible with the classic Mac operating system and Mac OS X.

The update adds Country by GeoIP and Region by GeoIP reports. It supports the GeoIP database from MaxMind, which determines the countries visitors are from based on their numeric IP addresses – Summary includes the “free” version of the database. According to MacTech magazine, for more accurate reporting you can subscribe to monthly updates of the database from MaxMind, which Summary will download automatically. Summary 2.3 also adds an Interesting Referring Domains report and corresponding items in the Overview. The analyzer can now detect patterns of hits that are “interesting” and bring them to your attention. This is useful for detecting news sites that had links to your site for a single day, or referrers that have sudden changes in otherwise steady levels of traffic. Summary 2.3 is now available for download; the price for registration is US$59.

CommuniGate Pro Groupware offers Exchange replacement

Stalker Software Inc. has introduced CommuniGate Pro Groupware, which allows the CommuniGate Pro messaging server to replace or run alongside Microsoft Corp.’s Exchange. The server is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Mac OS X.

The CommuniGate Pro Groupware connector runs with Outlook on the desktop, facilitating Outlook’s collaboration functionality while connected to the CommuniGate Pro server, according to Vladimir Butenko, president and CEO of Stalker Software. The connector is a message store and transport MAPI “provider” that can compose and parse MIME messages. CommuniGate Pro supports standards such as SMTP, POP and IMAP. It offers the functionality of shared folders, Webmail, LDAP Directory, personal Web pages, S/MIME, Mailing Lists and SPAM/Virus protection for clients in the enterprise, telecommunication/service provider and education markets. On all platforms, CommuniGate Pro presents the same interfaces and uses the same file formats.

BI crowd extends data reach

Attempting to bolster corporate performance with BI (business intelligence) data, vendors have announced upgrades designed to help customers align business operations with strategic goals.

Cognos Inc., SAS Institute Inc., and Comshare Inc. separately introduced technology enhancements that enable companies to pull BI data from traditional departmental silos to monitor overall business performance across functions in real time. Cognos detailed Metrics Manager, its next-generation score-carding solution. For its part, Cary, N.C.-based SAS unveiled a new Windows client application with an interface designed to allow companies to rapidly deploy analytics across the enterprise using existing platforms and data sources. Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Comshare’s new MPC 5.0 will allow companies to meet new Securities and Exchange Commission requirements such as senior management certification and shorter reporting periods.

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