Published: July 25th, 2003

Ottawa-based Macadamian Technologies Inc. recently unveiled CodeReview 1.2, an add-in product for Microsoft Visual Studio .Net that helps development teams conduct code reviews. Using CodeReview, managers, team leaders and developers can attach comments and suggestions to any source code file supported in Visual Studio .Net, according to the company. The CodeReview add-in tracks the status of code reviews and simplifies the process of peer review.

Web services spec reaches completion

Building on their previous efforts to create a framework for producing secure and interoperable Web services, IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp. and several other leading software companies recently announced a specification intended to help corporate users simplify identity management. The proposed WS-Federation specification features a set of Web services technologies intended to give developers a standard way of adding security capabilities to any Web service they build. It also defines mechanisms that allow developers to manage and establish trust relationships across companies and domains using a variety of different types of security solutions.

Russia apple of U.S. outsourcing eye

The U.S. IT industry is tapping into the technological prowess of the former Soviet Union, which is emerging as a research and development centre for software and telecommunications firms. A report from Boston-based Aberdeen Group found that nearly three-fourths of the offshore work in Russia is undertaken by IT companies. Some are setting up development centers in Russia to help build a market there, as well as to use Russian talent for high-end development.

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