Biometrics PC Card


Compaq Canada Inc. has announced the release of a Biometrics PC Card using fingerprint identification technology that offers security, simplicity and cost-savings for business customers using mobile personal computers.

Eliminating the need for passwords and their associated management costs, a tiny camera in the Compaq retractable identification reader converts a fingerprint image to a map that is impossible to duplicate, according to the company. The map is encrypted and stored, allowing users to logon securely and privately in a process that takes mere seconds. With close to 40 per cent of all calls to corporate IT help centres involving a lost or missing password, the Biometrics PC Card can result in significant time and cost savings for IT departments.

Distributed with BioLogon software, the Compaq fingerprint reader fits any notebook computer with a PC card slot and is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000.

Pricing for the Biometric PC Card ( is $256. Compaq Canada in Richmond Hill, Ont., can be reached at (905) 707-1715.

Prices listed are in Cdn currency.


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