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New study says Canadian SMBs incur a potential productivity loss of $2 billion using older technology

A recent study commissioned by Microsoft and Intel reported that the cost of using a PC older than four years is more than buying...

Apple says fix for Mac encryption flaw coming soon

The flaw acts as a backdoor that enables hackers to steal email, financial information and other sensitive data from Mac computers

NASA sold PCs without wiping sensitive data

Managers did not adequately oversee wiping processes, unapproved wiping software used

Ray Ozzie to leave Microsoft

After pushing the company towards the cloud, the chief software architect plans to step down, CEO Steve Ballmer wrote in a memo to employeesrn

Researchers one step closer to ‘bootless’ computer

A lead scientist at the University of California describes the technology as a totally new concept that 'will essentially give memory some brains'

Microsoft pitches PC isolation ward to defeat botnets

The move won't fly with users and won't stop the botnet menace, counters a noted researcher

Salaries stall, workloads rise, and IT gets squeezed

Bonuses and benefits are way down, according to research from Computerworld U.S. PLUS: Take the ComputerWorld Canada 2010 Salary Survey

Will Google’s purchase of reCAPTCHA hurt Internet security?

Google may be getting too smart for its own good, and making computers "think" far too well...

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