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IT workers’ Top 4 dream employers

The most popular places for IT workers to make a living, and what you'll need to get a job there

U.S. IT workers: Under pressure and under-paid

While there's reason to be hopeful, according to Computerworld U.S.'s 2011 Salary Survey, the skies still haven't completely cleared. Find out who makes what south of the border

Ready for 2020? Advice for every career stage

We've gathered some ideas on the actions that IT workers at three distinct stages of their careers need to take to prepare for the next 10 years

Community college surge: IT education on a budget

At first glance, you may not recognize a community college these days. Now featuring dorms, honors programs, bachelor's degrees and more, these schools are evolving. Take advantage of the skills development opportunitiesrn

Salaries stall, workloads rise, and IT gets squeezed

Bonuses and benefits are way down, according to research from Computerworld U.S. PLUS: Take the ComputerWorld Canada 2010 Salary Survey

IT centralization is back in fashion

For decades, the pendulum has swung between centralized IT organizations and decentralized operations featuring small IT groups in each business unit. But with the urgent need to cut costs today, there's a good argument to be made for the former arrangement

Do you have a cloud computing exit strategy?

Vendor lock-in is one of the primary fears expressed by IT leaders considering a move to cloud computing. Tech experts share their favourite strategies for keeping their cloud computing skies clear

Career Strategies Part 5 – Dig into your benefits

Here's how you can boost your total compensation package by taking advantage of benefits such as tuition reimbursement, employee discount programs and flexible spending accounts

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