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NAO asks UK government for open reporting

Some departments have "engaged poorly" with the major projects assurance system, says the National Audit Office

Britain to spend millions on opening data

As Canada prepares to release its open data action plan, London announces it will spend to buy data from its departments for release to the public

Big data drives big demand for database management skills

Many are struggling to manage the vast amount of information passing through the business, and lack the tools required to analyse it in a reasonable timeframe

Borrowed spectrum needed for London Olympics

Britain's regulator says it needs to find unused wireless frequencies to meet demand for this summer's sporting event

U.K. CIO calls for more business-relevant ICT teaching

A report calls for the term 'ICT' to be scrapped and for the teaching of it to be redefined as three separate strands - digital literacy, computer science and information technologyrn

Teachers worry as UK redraws ICT education

Although the IT industry broadly welcomed an education minister announcement of a fundamental overhaul in the way technology is taught, those at the 'chalkface' were wary

Best IT opportunities are in startups, says Autonomy CEO

Mike Lynch, who leads the enterprise search firm recently acquired by HP, says 'amazing change in IT' will be led by entrepreneurs, not big companies

U.K. school says SAP’s innovations may cause skills gap

Sheffield Hallam University, which delivers postgraduate courses with SAP certifications, says an ageing SAP professional population also needs to be addressed

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