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Forrester: Innovation requires closer work with suppliers

Sourcing and vendor management pros need to build relationships rather than just negotiate lower costs

7 of 10 firms have no confidence in systems recovery

Most UK companies don't believe they can completely restore their data after downtime or data lost, according to a survey

Unemployment rate falls for U.K. IT graduates

According to anannual survey, the proportion believed to be unemployed was 14.2 percent, down from 16.3 percent of 2009 graduates

VMworld: Businesses need mobile compute strategies

Organizations must consider mobile devices as a critical and integral part of their computing strategies, executive tells conference

This is probably our last Openworld: Salesforce CEO

Benioff took to Twitter to react to the cancellation of his keynote speech. He said this will likely be's last Oracle Openworld

Fujitsu rolls out to internal staff

Fujitsu has rolled out CRM to replace its legacy CRM solution

Nokia appoints new CTO

The mobile phone company has appointed its fifth CTO in six years. Henry Tirri was previously head of the Nokia Research Centre

Offshoring increases need to protect live test data: Report

U.S.-based vendor Compuware finds that organizations using real customer data for testing risk breaching the Data Protection Act. This risks involved

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