Acer has announced forthcoming additions to its high-end Veritone line of desktop PCs with flat-panel displays. Scheduled to ship in August, the Veriton FP2 and FPi models will support Intel’s Pentium processors at clock speeds up to 1GHz. The new models come in a deep blue and black chassis measuring 165-by-372-by-348 millimetres, the FPi will be bundled with a 15-inch active-matrix flat-panel display in a matching casing. The FP2, meanwhile, will be an all-in-one design, with the display attached to the system chassis. Both models will also feature a cordless keyboard and mouse, using 2.4GHz RF technology, officials said. Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 98 Second Edition or 2000 Professional operating system and other software will be pre-installed. Pricing has not yet been decided, but a company representative said Acer would offer them at a competitive price point. Acer, of Taipei, Taiwan, can be reached at

Prices listed are in US currency.